Many people think that logo design is a natural process to many, but ask a designer; he will tell you how hard a nut it is to crack. Colors, fonts, creativity, uniqueness and what not! Don’t worry though, Logo Design Love is here to the rescue.

As a graphic designer for about five years now, I know how hard sometimes is to impress a client with a perfect design, especially the “logo” part.

If you believe that creativity is something you are supposed to born with, you may want to think it over again. As David Airey displays in his book, Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities you don’t have to be great at using design software neither drawing. You just have to provide enough value to your client by fully understanding his brand and business needs.

I have read plenty of books on design and honestly, this one is different from the rest. In few words, this book is perfect for designers and clients who want to understand about logo design.

Logo Design Love Synopsis

Logo Design Love is an expanded and updated second edition of Airey’s logo design book that contains long-drawn-out information on his first version.

The book has more logos, more sketches, more case studies, insider stories, practical information and tips for working with clients. The author also shows tips on creating and developing a brand identity. He covers all steps from start to finish using case studies from different leading designers.

In the book, he also reveals how designers generate ideas, collaborate with clients, charge for their work, and create compelling briefs.

David Airey also shares his personal experience working in identity projects showing numerous sketches and final designs. He also shared the work of the famous designer Paula Scher who designed logos for Microsoft Windows, and Citi as well as Lindon Leader, creator of the current FedEx identity and leading design studios such as Pentagram, Sagmeister & Walsh, Moving Brands, and many more.

What did I like?

I have read many design books to date and what I most liked about this book is the information provided and the language used. The book is written in a concise style and reader-friendly way using fewer designer jargons. The real-life examples he has used to support his points are really mind-blowing.

As a graphic designer, I always have a passion for doing things out of the box, and this book is a practical and contemporary approach to logo design. I have learned many new tips that have helped me improve my design skills.

Also, I have been following David Airey for quite some time now on his popular blog, and I consider a big fan of him. In his website, I learned a lot of this passionate design niche, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Trust me, this book is a real delight for any graphic designer. It gives you so much information which most of the books are lacking that there is no chance you’ll ever regret buying it.

david alrey logo design love book interior

Final Verdict

I honestly recommend this book to anyone in advertising, graphic design and anyone who is keen to learn about the process of designing iconic logos. Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities will make you stop and think about how you are impending design.

The author David Airey writes in a very positive manner that makes reading it pleasant. All the topics covered in this book are relevant. You’ll even get an overview of how much to charge your clients for a logo project.

This book is a must, and I can’t recommend enough that you add it to your bookshelf since it is one of the pillars of modern logo design.

Have you read this book? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments below!

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