As the author Michael Bierut explains in his book: “How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world“, selling is one of the most challenging things for an artist to grasp.

Being a graphic designer myself, I know sometimes it gets hard to impress a client with our designs. Working on layout, colors, fonts and other aspects is mind-numbing, and sometimes the whole process becomes overwhelming.

I have been around for awhile and found many books claiming to spark your creative thinking and design skills. Most of them end up in the back corner of the bookshelf, never living up to their promise. One night while skimming Amazon, I noticed a title named, “How To…” by Michael Bierut. I read so many positive reviews about it that I decided to purchase it. I am very impressed and happy to say that this book is entirely different.

The author of the book, Michael Bierut, beautifully crafted his ideas on every page. He showcases over thirty-five of his most remarkable projects for many clients. In the introduction of the book, he traces his life as a designer before combining the highlights of his work through a series of text-light, how to, and image heavy chapters that offer insights into the creative process.

Michael Bierut is not only a renowned graphic designer, but he is also partnered with the international NY design firm, Pentagram since 1990 and a protégé of the design legend Massimo Vignelli. He has designed some projects for clients including the New York Times, the New York Jets, Harley Davidson and the Brooklyn Academy of music, the Yale School of architecture and more.

About the Book

I must say, every small information provided by him is crafted so well in the book, that it’s a pleasure to read. The work of the author is interesting and varied. He uses simple ideas and expands it into a complete story to makes it easy to understand for everyone. In this book, he also provides insights into his working life, creative process, his relationship with clients, and the struggles that most of the designers face when bringing innovative ideas into reality.

How To Book Interior

Final Verdict

I enjoy coming back to this book now and then as there are so many visual aids that enhance the experience and makes reading time a great moment. This is an impressive, well-explained and inspiring book for any designer. This monograph is a perfect distillation of Michael Bierut’s style. His work inspires me as a designer just as his writing style. I read this book cover-to-cover and must say this book is very informative and inspiring because of its rational logic.

Paying a small amount for this informative treasure is not a big deal. I highly recommend this book.

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